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Research Project

The interest in the sanctuary of Amyklaion, the remains of which have been located at a distance of 5 km south of Sparta and on the hill of Agia Kyriaki, and specifically in the monumental Throne of Apollo, that can be undoubtedly considered the most impressive and yet enigmatic architectural monument of the end of the archaic period, was expressed by various distinguished scholars since the late 19th century. Under the direction of Professor Angelos Delivorrias and the archaelogist Dr Stavros Vlizos, with the authorisation of the Ministry of Culture and the collaboration of Professor Manolis Korres, the architects Maria Magnisali and Themistoklis Mpilis, and numerous other well-known scientists, an extensive programme of study and research of the sanctuary has been carried out from 2005, under the auspices of the Athens Archaeological Society.

The Amykles Research Project aims at the resolution of various problems that continue to cloud the image of the sanctuary, despite the analytic description by Pausanias (III 18, 9. III 19, 1) and the more or less fantastic representations of the Throne that have been proposed since 1814 and continue to the present day. It also aims at the complete revelation of the precinct wall, as well as the surface investigation of sections that have not been explored in the past, the increase in architectural features, many of which were built-in in Byzantine and post-byzantine monuments of the region, the overall publication of conclusions and the final configuration of the archaeological site. It is an ambitious program that functions successfully due to the priceless assistance of a team of eminent scientists of many specialities, who have undertaken the complete study of all the data coming from the Sanctuary for the preparation of the multi-volume series entitled AMYKLAION that is under publication.

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