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Research Team

Vlizos Stavros

Role: Director of the research project

Contact: Ionian University, Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology, 72 Ioanni Theotoki Street, GR-49100 Corfu, Greece

Telephone(s): +30.26610.87423


I graduated from the University of Ioannina/Greece and conducted my postgraduate studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich/Germany, where I was awarded the Ph.D. dissertation. After joining the Greek Archaeological Service, I was appointed as Senior Researcher and Assistant to the Director of the Benaki Museum, Prof. Angelos Delivorrias. I served as adjunct lecturer at the Hellenic Open University and at the Department of Archives Library Studies and Museology of the Ionian University in Corfu, where I serve as academic staff from 2010. My research interests and publications are focused on Archaeology and Museology, as well as on subjects concerning the configuration and management of archaeological goods. I serve as the Director of the “Amykles Research Project, Director of the Museum Collections of the Ionian University, associate of the archaeological society in Athens, representative member of the German Archaeological Institute, member of the ICOM, Coordinator of the Ionian Islands Museum Network, and funding member and member of the scientific committee of the Athens based “Roman Seminar”.

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